Financing Your Care

In our office, we offer high quality care and payment options that work for all of our patients. We recommend that you contact your insurance company to verify that our office is covered under your medical and/or dental plan.

As a courtesy to you, we will bill your insurance company and track claims. Please keep us informed of any changes to your insurance plan. When you have insurance coverage we will do our best to calculate your out of pocket costs. This will be the amount we collect at the time of service.  Any remaining balance after your insurance has paid is your responsibility.  We will notify you of your balance with a statement.  Your prompt remittance is appreciated. 

Payment options:

  • Cash Discount:  With no insurance coverage, payment is required in full, with cash or check we offer a 5% discount
  • Credit or Debit Cards:  Always accepted
  • Flexible Payment Plan:  CareCredit: Apply online ( or in our office for:
    1.  No interest flex plan: Pay in a short time frame and receive no interest charge.
    2. Low interest flex plan: Pay off your bill over a longer period of time with low interest.

Please note: Payment is due at the time of service.

We are here to help! Please call for more information about financing your oral health needs in our office!